I’m Hayden Cleary. Freelance web developer and aspiring indie hacker.

I have always been intrigued by computers and software. Video games were my gateway drug into this universe, starting with the Sega Megadrive in the 90's.

This passion for digital technology helped me when I moved as a teen from the United Kingdom to the French countryside where I still find myself today. I was able to keep in touch with friends through video game experiences, early 2000's internet chatrooms and website building. Little did I know I would be doing this for some time to come!

This remained a hobby until my time at university when I was able to take an actual curriculum in web design and development. Here I met friends and peers that joined me on my journey to becoming the developer I am today.

Right now, I find myself as an independent web developer helping companies big and small achieve their goals of providing performant and modern services to their customers.