The hardware, software and apps that run my business

A non-exhaustive list of the things that keep me going through the day, in case you were wondering.


  • 16” MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, 32GB RAM (2021)

    The best laptop I have ever owned/used. Handles all of my tasks flawlessly and macOS just works. As a professional it is totally worth it and I wouldn't change it for another (except a future Apple silicon laptop).

  • Keychron Q1

    I had great trouble finding an AZERTY macOS keyboard and had settled for Nuphy's F1. Recently I returned down the rabbit hole and came across this gem. Great sound, nice feedback and less typos! With a low price and high quality, I'm really pleased with it.

  • Logitech MX Master 3

    A nice heavy duty mouse that has a slight angle for ergonomics. Plenty of customization options are available, gestures and all. Some might find it on the expensive side, but definitely worth a look.

  • Sony wh-1000xm4

    As a music lover and a father these headphones are incredible. I'm able to enjoy my favorite music while working even with kids running around next door. The active noise cancelling is a game changer, the battery life is great and super comfortable for all day use.

  • Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Premium

    For someone in this line of work, an adjustable desk is a must. I've had this desk for a few years and it's been great. Perfectly stable, good build quality and has saved my back!

  • Citysports treadmill

    A recent purchase inspired by Scott Tolinski from the podcast. Now I can get some brisk walking in while working and it's amazing. It may sound unintuitive, but it's really worth a shot. Nothing beats writing code while getting those steps in.

Development tools

  • Visual Studio Code

    Pretty much the defacto code editor at the moment. As it's running on a powerful machine I've had no issues, but I am looking to get into Vim/Neovim on the side. The ability to do everything via keyboard really appeals to me.


  • Spotify

    As a huge music fan this is totally worth my 10 euros a month. Massive library, playlists, podcasts and all, I love it. Hit me with your favorite playlists!

  • Discord

    My favorite app to stay in touch with friends and participate in dev communities. Easy to use, nice shortcuts and great for calls and screen sharing.

  • Twitter

    My preferred social network by far. It's where most of the conversation around dev communities happens outside of Github. If you want to know what's happening in any community you love, Twitter is where it's at.


  • Raycast

    An amazing free Mac app that does everything from window management to task shortcuts. A nice replacement for Alfred that I found to be a little dated.

  • Google services

    As an Android user, the suite of Google services are great for staying organized. Gmail is obviously key, but Calendar is also a very close second for keeping my time in check.